Lapis Legit Surabaya Cake / Spekkoek

August 28, 2018

This one delicacy is a type of Indonesian layer cake. It was developed during colonial times in the Dutch East Indies. The firm-textured cake is an Indo (Dutch-Indonesian) version of the European multi-layered spit cake. However it is not baked on a rotating spit, and contains a mix of Indonesian spices,
such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace and anise. The cake is made of flour, yolk, rich in butter or margarine.
Spekkoek is popular in Indonesia and served as holiday treat, especially for natal, imlek, and lebaran. It is also served or given as gifts during many local festivities such as at birthday parties and weddings. In the Netherlands, the sliced cake is traditionally served for dessert in rijsttafel.
The Dutch term spekkoek translates literally as pork belly (or bacon) cake, a name derived from its appearance of dark and light layers. Its Indonesian name, lapis legit, means sweet layer cake. The English translation is often given as thousand layer cake, or thousand layer spice cake.
As a spekkoek commonly has more than 18 layers, baking it requires patience and is a very labour-intensive process. The batter is mainly made of butter, flour and sugar with an approximate ratio of 1:1:2. Due to the effort required to bake the cake, it is a rather expensive delicacy.
Lapis legit is similar to traditional Indonesian kue lapis, the difference being that lapis legit is a puffy layered cake, made of flour and is baked, while kue lapis is a moist layered pudding, made of rice flour and sago, and is steamed.

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