Cherry Cake “Zuger”

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Audrey Hepburne’s fave. As we talk about Swiss desserts, if you have never tried Zuger Kirschtorte, do it! Zuger cherry cake is an extremely delicious dessert, that has gone across the borders of Switzerland a long time ago and has become a favourite dessert all over the world. This dessert is called “Zug’s” dessert, as the recipe was invented in the town of Zug by the pastry chef Heinrich Holn. That happened in 1921 and since then so far, Zuger Kirschtorte has won several awards and in 2008, the recipe is included in the list of the “Swiss Culinary Heritage”. There have been rumours, that it was the favourite dessert of Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn and even of one of the Heads of the Roman Catholic Church. The base of the cake is from Japanese meringue layer with ground and lightly roasted almonds and hazelnuts, and the cake cream is prepared from cream, flavoured with cherry liqueur. To make it even more delicious and succulent, the dessert is syruped with a mixture of sugar syrup and kirsch. The end result is a fantastic cake, all wrapped in cream and sprinkled lavishly with roasted and sliced almonds.


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